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Live Peace is a celebration of Peace and Love (P&L) as we come together to listen to music created by a rich diversity of artists from all over the world inspired by humanity and the common truth we share as people. The event will be an immersive virtual concert experience hosted on Vidiv and all ticket sales and donations will go towards humanitarian causes for people all over the world. 

About #LivePeace

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Event Details

Event Details

With Live Peace, we aim to increase unity, love, peace, and hope through various art forms, bringing our human family together through this universal message. 

All proceeds from the event will go towards three incredible organizations seeking to improve living conditions for people all over the world.

Bring our global community together and harness the power of human connection in times of difficulty and hopelessness.

Goals and Outcomes

Charles Van Sandwyk

Isa Music

DJ Luigi

Sandro Mazuelos

And many more!

Featured Lineup

Featured Lineup

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