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What are AMNIe's solutions? 

Sustainability and ESG Integration Consulting

​AMNIe offers end-to-end advisory for ESG and sustainability integration in multiple industries. We work with financial services institutions for portfolio integration and across industries for organizational integration. Our offerings include a 5-part approach to sustainability and ESG integration, 1:1 leadership advisory, micro-advisory packages with our Network Experts, workshop design, and project management.

leadership through sustainability
Paving the path to Net Zero for SMEs

Climate Strategy Consulting

Evaluate the climate risks your business is most exposed to and develop a strategy to prepare and lead a carbon-neutral future. At AMNIe, we work with you collaboratively to raise awareness, assess your risk, enhance your strategy and risk management practices, and enable appropriate oversight and reporting of climate-related risks and opportunities. 

At AMNIe, we will work with you to examine what is most material to your business and where the most impact can be made. Let’s make the world more sustainable and embark on the Path to Net Zero together. 

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