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Code of Conduct and Ethos


AMNIe is on a mission to raise the level of aggregate global consciousness through human-centric nature and nurture-based solutions. We believe in leaving the world better than we found it, that youth holds the creative keys to the best solutions we have yet to see implemented, and that the past should be remembered, as it was - so that we may 🤞 avoid the worst of it. 

Guiding Values and Principles: 

Holistic Innovation – Unbounded by conventional traditions, AMNIe works collaboratively with our customers to develop long-term strategies for sustainability and resilience, creating systemic value for thee. 👍🏽

Integrity & Authenticity – AMNIe wants to clear the noise surrounding sustainability. We aim to offer practical, clear, and accessible solutions to integrate sustainability into organizations of all sizes. We believe in conducting ethical and honest business with our clients. 🍀


Action & Real Impact – AMNIe aims to scale and raise the visibility of positive impact. We work hard to create value for organizations of all sizes and help our clients achieve their potential. 


Commitment to Purpose – AMNIe is committed to working towards the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that sustainability applies to all and should be accessible to everyone. 💯

Listening to Self: AMNIe believes in every person's right to choose their beliefs, prioritize their choices, and in the ability of each individual to achieve their unique potential in life as in work - with dignity and respect for life and humanity. 

Code of Ethical Conduct: 

  1. We challenge one another and oneself to think boldly and strive to be the best in a Net Positive way.

  2. We walk the talk and encourage authenticity and ethical conduct amongst employees, board members, network experts, partners, and clients.

  3. We foster an inclusive environment that upholds our values.

  4. We take accountability for our actions towards others and the environment.

  5. We hire people who are humanely intelligent and creative, who thrive on continuous learning and are passionate for the work we do. 

  6. We are courageous in the face of adversity and in the pursuit of our goals. 

  7. We treat and respect others as we wish to be treated and respected.

  8. We are compassionate and caring for ourselves, physically and mentally, for others, and for our planet.

  9. We innovate relentlessly.

  10. We have fun. For sure. 

  11. 11 We appreciate comedy as an Intelligent Art form (IA).

Report any misconduct to AMNIe’s Executive and Ethos Officer: or

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