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What is the Circular Economy?

AMNIe defines the Circular Economy as a regenerative economic system powered by renewable energy, in which raw materials, products, and other components are continuously cycled to retain material value and eliminate waste. 


 In a time of resource scarcity, climate breakdown, and rising waste levels, it is evident that our current 

"take-make-waste" linear system is failing us. We need a bold, new economic system that can address these converging challenges and creates shared value. 

At AMNIe™, we aim to realize the circular economy by scaling circular business and organizational models. Combining our sustainable integration framework and open innovation methodology, we bring a unique approach to circular economy consulting. 

AMNIe's expert circular economy consultants and sustainability + technology partners collaborate internally/externally to help you identify, commercialize, and scale solutions that create high impact economic, social, and environmental benefits.  


Is your organization ready to become a circularity champion? Call us to find out.

Why Become Circular? 

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Circular Economy

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AMNIe™ applies its five-step consulting approach across product and service lifecycles to create comprehensive circular solutions for your organization.

AMNIe's Circularity Consulting Approach

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Step 1: Identifying Purpose and Strategy​

​AMNIe works with your organization to develop a circularity mission, vision and strategy, that encompasses company values and relevant sustainability goals. 

Step 2: Priority Setting & Project Identification 

AMNIe helps you identify your current circularity status, set priorities and develop specific projects your organization can adopt. 

Step 3: Target Setting and Impact Measurement 

Based on various assessments and organizational goals AMNIe helps create specific targets and a detailed roadmap for circularity. 

Step 4: Integration

AMNIe works with you to implement the detailed roadmap into your organization's operations across lifecycle stages. 

Step 5: Monitoring and Reporting

AMNIe helps you monitor and report your progress using industry standard metrics, while maintaining ongoing communication with internal and external stakeholders. 

Let's get started.

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