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Who We Are


AMNIe™ is a global consulting, education, and technology firm focused on bridging the gaps in converting sustainability goals and agendas into real and measurable economic, social, environmental, and personal growth outcomes.

What We Do, and Why

AMNIe™ helps investors and companies integrate ESG strategy, systems, and processes. By offering a hybrid consulting + Exec Ed model, we help our clients develop the expertise and accountability needed for leadership to successfully deliver on the goals they set as they navigate the complicated ESG, Sustainability, Responsibility, and Impact spectrum.


Our goal is to help our clients envision and capture new forms of value so they can grow, optimize potential of their workforce and its wellbeing, ultimately creating better communities and environmentally-friendly products or services. 


Smaller or medium-sized companies don't often have resources of large, publicly traded companies to manage risk, hire consultants, or provide the environment which attracts and retains top talent. They must capitalize on other motivators, such as culture, work-life balance, or their purpose. To be competitive, let alone to be environmentally or socially progressive, understanding the evolution of ESG is crucial. But in every crisis, there is opportunity, and we believe climate is just the tip of the iceberg. Local economies and people can thrive only if these smaller, privately held organizations are afforded the same tools and support as the large ones, and that this is necessary for a sustainable path forward.

AMNIe is committed to systemic value creation and is actively working towards the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. AMNIe specifically is committed to:

1) Increase employment in sustainability jobs and skills for sustainable communities in the regions where we operate 

2) Maximize the amount of end product our clients sell or produce that is better for the environment and ethically sourced

3) Maximize the total amount of carbon avoided through the delivery of our services 

4) Maximize synergies based on Ethos-aligned competencies across partners  

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The Origin

The AMNIe project originated as part of the IE Brown Executive MBA and has since grown to include experts and institutions across the world. AMNIe was created from the desire of like-minded executives to discover "how" they could help solve climate change and other pressing Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) by applying pragmatism and business acumen.

AMNIe went on hiatus while each team member went back to their regular jobs, but I decided to take it forward after she and her employer of 13 years parted ways. And so she did, in 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. It was the perfect timing. 

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Our Values

AMNIe values align with both our line of work, as well as how we each act during working hours and in our personal lives as well. AMNIe's values are:

Holistic Innovation

Integrity & Authenticity

Action & Real Impact

Commitment to Purpose

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