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Discovering Tomorrow's Leaders 

Knowing that to build for future generations it takes conscious leaders, we are on a quest to find them and connect them to the right opportunities, at the right time. 

Photo Credit: Kira Oujonkova

Equipping Leadership 

Our mission is to empower and equip individuals and organizations with the skills to become more sustainable. We believe that by creating a culture of sustainability, we can generate a more positive impact on the environment and society.

We offer a range of programs and matchmaking services to help you reduce noise and focus on what sustainability actually means to you.

Exploring Roots

Our own story began with many people and diverging ideas, but we found a way to bring these ideas together to create a path forward that honors our roots and strives for improvement. We are a platform that is rooted in trust and respect, encouraging collaboration and learning from each other. Our mission is to help you connect with your true self and to create a better future for everyone.

Living Values 

AMNIe's core values align with how we think and act.

Holistic Innovation

Integrity & Authenticity

Action & Real Impact

Commitment to Purpose

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