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Impact Portfolio Design

Photography by Kira Oujonkova


Self-paced, accessible, online advisory and training programs for ESG and sustainability integration both at the organizational and self levels - which is why we call it ESG^2 where the first E stands for "ethos". Our goal is to empower people and organizations to design their optimal impact portfolios based on their values and desired legacy. 

ESG & Ethos integration, 5-part x 2 approach for end-to-end transformation  

Expert consultations for -leadership coaching and advisory 

Easily replicable workshops for teambuilding,  innovation and co-creation 

Partner screening: learn how to better conduct due diligence with a focus on both financial and extra-financial materiality

Organizational Integration

Organizational Integration

AMNIe envisions a world where businesses create a positive, lasting impact on the planet and society while growing profitably. But knowing where to begin with sustainability and ESG can be complicated and confusing. We can help.

AMNIe's Sustainability Integration Approach

Step 1: Ethos Alignment​

Align corporate strategy and purpose based on culture, long-term desired outcomes, and talent development.This is where we define who we are, why we need to exist, and how we will make decisions. 

Step 2: Materiality Assessment​

Conduct a materiality assessment of ESG risks and opportunities relevant to your organization and their order of relevance, based on determined principles of relevance to the company e.g. investor-based materiality versus double materiality (external impacts).    

Step 3: Target Setting  - Compliance vs. Innovation

Determine applicable sustainability, impact, or ESG metrics or goals. Select target frameworks. Baseline year indicators of priority risks, impacts, and other metrics e.g. innovation development budget.  Most importantly, determine whether to pursue a compliance-centric approach or an innovation-based approach to select the appropriate partners for moving forward.

Step 4 for the Innovation Route - Refer to Complex & Collaborative Sales Framework

Portfolio Integration

Impact Portfolio Design 

The business case for integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into investment management has been made. Due to the lack of standardization among terms, increasing polarization of society, complex supply chain and economic turmoil in a general state of increasing warfare among nations, how would you design your ultimate impact portfolio. What assets do you believe will stand the test of time when it comes to valuation?

Elevating pathways to impact

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