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Sustainability Strategy
& ESG Integration

Photography by Kira Oujonkova

What We Offer

​AMNIe offers end-to-end advisory for ESG and sustainability integration in multiple industries. We work with Financial Services Institutions for Portfolio Integration and across Industries for Organizational Integration


AMNIe's offerings include:

ESG & sustainability integration 5-part approach for end-to-end transformation  

1:1 for multi-leadership advisory and micro-advisory packages with our Network Experts for your unique project needs

Workshop design, facilitation and Sustainability Leadership training sessions or corporate team building events

Vendor selection analysis, technology enablement and project management for implementation e.g. GHG tracking, ESG reporting, climate risk SaaS

Organizational Integration

Organizational Integration

AMNIe envisions a world where businesses create a positive, lasting impact on the planet and society while growing profitably. But knowing where to begin with sustainability and ESG can be complicated and confusing. We can help.

AMNIe's Sustainability Integration Approach

Step 1: Aligning on Purpose ​

Align corporate strategy and purpose and identify top positive and negative impacts of the company. 

Design North Star vision and cascade to internal stakeholders.

Step 2: Materiality Assessment​

Conduct a materiality assessment of ESG risks and opportunities relevant to your organization and their order of relevance, based on determined principles of relevance to the company e.g. investor-based materiality versus double materiality (external impacts).    

Step 3: Target Setting  ​

Determine applicable sustainability, impact, or ESG metrics or goals. Select target frameworks. Baseline year indicators of priority risks, impacts, and other metrics e.g. innovation development budget.  Embed opportunities for innovation and growth.

Step 4: Detailed Planning ​

Design a smooth transition plan and roadmap to achieve priorities over a defined period of time that accounts for your short and long-term goals (e.g. Net Zero climate targets 2030, local jobs created at Living Wage next year,  % diversity of team over time while increasing sales X % YoY).  

Step 5: Integration ​

Implement initiatives per your plan. We can accompany you every step of the way, from vendor selection to project support and ongoing co-ordination to ensure nothing is lost between moving parts and that your team is enabled.   

Step 6: Track, Monitor & Report​

Track, monitor, report and manage to your ESG metrics. The process is simplified through data collection and management best practices, as well as effective organizational design and integrated performance reporting technology. We work with your existing tools and integration partners to help implement risk, performance and financial reporting systems that connect these dots for increased internal transparency and decision-making support.  

Step 7: Revise and Improve​

Leverage our ESG Risk and Opportunity Assessment framework to monitor changes, work together to improve and re-align activities. Implement change management and engagement tools for ongoing feedback and materiality assessments automation.

Portfolio Integration

ESG Portfolio Integration

The business case for integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into asset management processes has become more apparent in the last few years. Asset managers, investor and lenders are integrating ESG considerations in their processes and strategies to better account for material risks or support key areas of focus e.g. women in business, Net Zero companies, limit climate risk exposure, etc. Due to the lack of standardization among terms, metrics, reporting frameworks, and regulatory clarity, ESG integration can be an initially daunting and complicated task, yet one that has become necessary.

With a global network and extensive ESG experience, AMNIe offers a technology-agnostic, agile methodology to help your organization adopt the appropriate integration approach based on your clients, values, and unique operating context.​

AMNIe's ESG Portfolio Integration Approach

Step 1: Co-Create a Corporate Vision

​Create a shared ESG corporate vision, through visioning exercises, workshops, and assessments. 

Step 2: Portfolio ESG Assessment 

Assess the maturity of your ESG portfolio practices relative to peers and identify any key gaps across 5 key categories relevant across portfolio owners based on the ESG strategy selected and level of ambition for implementing leading practice. Identify suitable process, policy, technology or people initiatives for your organization to close any gaps and design a roadmap for execution.

Step 3: Implementation

Execute  priority initiatives and integrate with other key projects for by the organization. AMNIe's core team remains available to support ongoing initiatives and assist with project co-ordination, technology rollout or business analysis needs.  

Step 4: Team Training and Communications

Train employees on the agreed upon methods for ESG integration in product and sales offerings and communicate new or changes relevant across the organization, its investors, and other key stakeholders.  

Step 5: Process Review and Monitoring

Develop an ESG monitoring plan to ensure follow-through and implementation of agreed-upon initiatives for achieving company milestones.  

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