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AMNIe™ integrates Sustainability and ESG through a holistic approach that enables investors, companies, and their stakeholders to better manage risks, opportunities, and act in alignment with shared values.

 Aligning Purpose and Value(s)

Sustainability IS the new digital. The current opportunity for Sustainable Leadership is unprecedented. Investments in sustainable finance and businesses are at all-time highs, yet the path is full of challenges. As sustainability becomes mainstream, greenwashing, or the lack of alignment between what a company says and what it does has become the main concern for those with fiduciary responsibility.  Hence, leadership is needed. 

Sustainability is first about mindset and culture, not reporting. Disclosures come after the why, what, and how. Depending on the company, you might choose to embed sustainability into your employee OKRs or into your financial reporting systems. Regardless of the method, a data-driven approach is important to manage and report transparently, but the starting point is to listen, gather information, and understand what matters. 


The Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) taxonomy can help identify your organization's most relevant topics for integration and offer a starting point for alignment. Once started, allocating resources to priority risks or opportunities such as climate risk, mental health, supplier conduct, inclusion and diversity, or clean energy often requires further cycles in leadership and employee education.

The key is to get started sooner rather than later. Don't get left behind in this race to sustainability since organizations of all sizes can reap the benefits of increased access to talent and improved wellbeing at the organizational and individual level. It is a matter of integrating the Think, Feel, Say, Do approach for Values-Based Leadership in your business.  

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"Before this project with AMNIe™, we thought we were going to be talking about environmental sustainability. Now, we understand sustainability is so much more than that. It's the core of our business and its future."

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