ESG and Sustainability 
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We are a strategy consulting, education and technology company  serving leaders in ESG and Sustainability grow their positive impact, with risk and responsibility mindset.

Rethinking Value

Working with organizations and individuals looking to grow and lead change through sustainable development and ESG, AMNIe™  simplifies access to sustainability knowledge and integration through a holistic approach to learning, strategy, and implementation.

Our 5-step strategic approach applies to companies and executive teams looking to unlock potential, innovation, and grow through Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Purposeful Leadership. This model enables a firm-wide coherence in management strategy, risk and performance management, and alignment on outcomes. 

Other core services include:

- Visioning and Strategy Team Workshops 

- ESG Materiality Assessment

- ESG Strategy and Roadmap

- Inclusion and Diversity Training / Workshops (Canada only)

- Path to Net Zero / Net Positive Design

- Metrics and Targets Evaluation

- Climate Risk Assessment

- TCFD Disclosures Preparation   

- Expert Advisory (multi-tier packages)

- Program Management 

AMNIe's Academy in launching January 2022, introducing the “Learn, Think, Feel, Say, Do” model of integrating sustainability and ESG into organizations and leadership mindset. 


AMNIe's Sustainability Maturity Assessment ™
This quick and easy assessment will help you identify your organization’s sustainability persona, its level of sustainable integration maturity, and your level of values-based innovation. Discover your sustainable footprint by taking the assessment for free today!

Client Testimonials 


"Before this project with AMNIe™, we thought we were going to be talking about environmental sustainability. Now, we understand sustainability is so much more than that. It's the core of our business and its future."

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