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AMNIe's Sustainability Maturity
Assessment ™

Welcome to AMNIe's Sustainability diagnostic tool. We are so excited to help you integrate ESG and sustainability best practices into your organization! 

What is a Sustainability Maturity Assessment?

AMNIe’s mission is to help organizations of all shapes and sizes integrate sustainability. Our Sustainability Maturity Assessment™ helps you identify your organization's sustainability persona, its level of sustainable integration maturity, and finally your level of Purposeful Innovation. With these results, we’re able to provide recommendations and help you take actionable steps to succeed in raising your positive impact while mitigating risks and negative consequences from your operations.

How will the sustainability assessment help you?

Finding the Gaps

Understand the gap between your organization's current sustainability approach and standard sustainability best practices.

 Reliable Framework

AMNIe's unique methodology helps your organization through the think, say, do, cycle of sustainable integration, and incorporates current frameworks, such as the UN SDGs


Receive a preliminary report on your organization's sustainability integration performance accompanied by suggestions to ensure you achieve long-term success.

How should I interpret the results?

Organizational Persona: A representation of your organization's current sustainability interests and impact. AMNIe's organizational persona is assigned based on your organization's motivations, expectations, and goals and is calculated using Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. 

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Sustainability Integration Maturity: AMNIe's sustainability maturity score measures your organization’s average performance across implementation phases, including purpose and strategy, identify and prioritize, target-setting and impact measurement, integration, monitor, and report.

Defining company-wide values and strategy as it regards to sustainability.

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Defining company-wide values and strategy as it regards to sustainability.

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Setting sustainability targets, and impact measurement objects

Integrating sustainability initiatives and processes throughout your organization

Monitoring and reporting on initiatives and their impact, while constantly looking to improve results

Purposeful innovation: AMNIe's innovation scale measures your organization's progress in implementing projects through strategic partnerships and purposeful innovation.

Defining company-wide values and strategy as it regards to sustainability

Identifying material sustainability objectives, and prioritizing next-steps 

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Currently, your organization understands the positive impacts of providing innovative products and/or services. However, there is no concrete roadmap in place to develop strategic partnerships that raise total impact or plan to scale this impact.

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Currently, your organization has been involved in impactful projects through strategic partnerships, releasing innovative products or/and services. However, we see potentials for these offerings and would encourage you to scale up these purposeful innovations.

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Currently, your organization brings together multiple stakeholders around common goals and enables actions to scale innovation through implementation. You are on track to create lasting positive impacts.

Are the results accurate?

Our survey results provide a scale of maturity relative to how sustainability principles and mindset have been embedded throughout the organization. By no means is our survey meant to be an exhaustive result, but rather a way to help your organization understand where you stand from a general, third-party standpoint.