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This is an unedited, unfinished book summarizing the philosophy of a company (x) and its f(x) pivot based on a Robin Hoodesque ethos centered in the root of the word sustainability. It will be delivered in .pdf form with the annotations made at the point in time in which it is.


The book is sold as-is where-is given its intent is to serve as a guide to your own story and book - and an constant reminder and antidote to expand the mind for critical thinking in radically certain risks yet stochastic times.


We recommend it for those who have completed their Academy work and love its outcomes so much that they would like to go further in their self study accompanied by a non-judgmental meditations guide.


*Note, this is not a substitute for therapy and is meant merely to direct your attention to areas which require time and focused energy for the betterment of your emotional life and purpose at work.   

/Z Book - Self Directed Academy

C$1,111.00 Regular Price
C$11.11Sale Price
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