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We All Live In Ze Yellow Submarine

Hola peeps!

First, congratulations for still being with us as we undergo a whole world of tribulation and transformation. In my next post, I'll describe the history of AMNIe, it's quite the story!

But today, I'd like to tell another story. The Pivot story. Well, we haven't exactly pivoted have we? We always said we were on a mission to democratize access to sustainability, and then spent 3 years deciphering what sustainability means, where the intersections lie, and where the common denominators really stem.

And we landed on culture. Ask us why, but it should be evident by now based on the state of affairs in the world. If there are some words we need to protect at all cost, what are they?

For those of you who have completed our Ethos Academy, you know these words well - as they are be your own.

Now, to bring it back back to The / Ze AMNIe story, we started by offering consulting services for ESG strategy and integration primarily to small and medium-sized organizations, but also a few larger ones. We then realized the small business market is the most underserved when it comes to "skills of the future" or however those are called today. What's more, the more legacy-oriented, less tech-heavy the industry, the more these small businesses, often with niche products in upcycled natural and nurture-based (rare books) goods, are at risk. Yet, they offer some of the most sustainable, most grassroots, and culturally conducive products and services for an aperture of the mind towards new worldviews and constructs. After all, isn't everything a construct, wherever we believe it comes from - science or divinity. Some things must not necessarily be at odds, as they can indeed coexist in symbiosis.

As such, as we continue to support small businesses and entrepreneurs with their sustainable growth strategies, we shall increasingly develop our stream of hybrid digital and hands-on creative writing ephemera.

Stay tuned for more to come and please do make sure to check our latest rare offerings. And as always, stay safe and check out our products page for latest Nature and Nurture-Based Arrivals spanning books, fine arts, and SMB tools for integrating purpose into their growth strategy in an authentic and (E^2)*S*G kind of way. You never know when the regulations will impact our small business community after all!


Irina / Era

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