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Introducing Great Reads on Dealing with Climate Change

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Discover two extraordinary authors and immerse yourself in their captivating masterpieces! Leo Zabala, a prodigy at just 9 years old, will transport you to a world where reality blurs and imagination reigns in his captivating book, "The Glitch." Meanwhile, Ron Dembo, a renowned visionary, will challenge your perception of risk and revolutionize your thinking with his latest masterpiece, "Risk Thinking." Now, you have the unique opportunity to acquire both books together in an exceptional bundle.

Leo Zabala, with his astonishing talent, has left an indelible mark on the literary world at such a young age. "Glitch" is a masterpiece that transcends expectations, dazzling readers of all ages with its captivating narrative and overflowing imagination. Immerse yourself in a universe of infinite possibilities as Leo guides you through a story that defies the limits of reality.

On the other hand, Ron Dembo, a true visionary genius, has made an indelible impact in various fields. His latest book, "Risk Thinking," revolutionizes our understanding of risk and presents fresh and challenging perspectives. Dembo is recognized for his unique approach to risk management and his contributions in fields such as computer science, finance, and the fight against climate change. In his book, he invites us to rethink how we approach risk in our lives and in the world around us.

Now, you have the opportunity to enjoy these two masterpieces together in an exclusive bundle - available immediately at E.C. Rare Books, on Poet's Corner, in #myGastown.

Immerse yourself in Leo Zabala's imaginative world and delve into Ron Dembo's innovative thinking. Individually, these books are true literary gems that will take you to unexplored places and challenge your perspectives. Seize this limited offer and acquire the bundle of both books at an incredible price!

Signed Copies
Books by Leo Zabala and Ron Dembo

Don't miss the chance to delight in Leo Zabala's limitless creativity and be captivated by Ron Dembo's innovative vision. Expand your literary horizons and discover new perspectives through these brilliant minds. Get the bundle now and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the pages of "Glitch" and "Risk Thinking"!

Risk Management Book
Risk Thinking 101

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