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Sustainability Strategy & ESG Integration

What We Offer

​AMNIe offers opportunities to better the sustainability integration processes in profit, non-profit, and academic institutions. Our sustainability integration services are two-tier, for ESG Asset Management Integration and Sustainable Strategy Integration


AMNIe's offerings include:

End-to-end ESG & sustainability integration methodology  

1:1 leadership advisory and trusted long-term partnerships

Workshop design, facilitation and sustainability training sessions

Advisory on appropriate technology tools and frameworks


Sustainability Strategy Integration

AMNIe envisions a world where businesses create a positive, lasting impact on the planet and society while growing profitably. But knowing where to begin for sustainability integration can be complicated and confusing for any organization. AMNIe works with organizations of all sizes and industries to find the right way to integrate sustainability into your organization while staying true to company values.

AMNIe's Sustainability Integration Approach

Step 1: Identifying Purpose and Strategy​

Step 2: Materiality Assessment​

Step 3: Target Setting  ​

Step 4: Detailed Planning ​

Step 5: Integration ​

Step 6: Track, Monitor & Report​

Step 7: Revise and Improve​

​AMNIe works with your organization to develop a company-wide purpose and sustainability strategy, that encompasses company values and relevant sustainability goals. 

AMNIe works with your team to conduct a materiality assessment of sustainable risks and opportunities relevant to your organization. 

Based on company purpose and materiality assessment, we work with you to determine applicable sustainability targets, frameworks, and tools to achieve your goals.

AMNIe works with your organization to plan a smooth transition into new sustainability initiatives, policies and activities. 

AMNIe works with your organizations' stakeholders to implement the sustainability integration strategy.

AMNIe provides your organizations with a framework to revise changes, work together to improve and re-align activities. 

AMNIe works with you to track, monitor, and report on the success of your sustainability strategy integration. 


ESG Asset Management Integration

The business case for integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into asset management processes has become more apparent in the last few years. Increasingly, investors demand strong monetary returns aligned with positive social and environmental outcomes. COVID-19 further accelerated the momentum of ESG in evaluating corporate performance and investment returns due to the market outperformance of ESG-balanced portfolios. Additionally, a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape, particularly in the European Union, paves the way for industry-wide ESG integration. In a nutshell, ESG is becoming mainstream.


As a result, asset managers are under increasing pressure to integrate ESG considerations in their investment processes and fund management strategies. Due to the lack of standardization among terms, metrics, reporting frameworks, and additional regulatory uncertainty, ESG integration can be an initially daunting and complicated task.

With a global network and extensive ESG experience, AMNIe offers a technology-agnostic, agile methodology to help your organization adopt the appropriate integration approach based on your clients, values, and unique operating context.​


AMNIe's ESG Integration Approach

Step 0: Co-Create a Corporate Vision

​AMNIe works with you to create a shared ESG corporate vision, through visioning exercises, workshops, and assessments. 

​AMNIe works with you to conduct stakeholder interviews and identify material ESG risks and opportunities relevant to your portfolio of products, completing your current state versus desired state assessment.

Step 1: Portfolio/Fund Strategy Support

Step 2: Tools and Frameworks Evaluation

​AMNIe identifies the right rating tools, frameworks, and technologies for your organization while documenting best practices relative for your organization for ESG or Impact performance management. ​

Step 3: Team Training and Communications

​After we've developed an ESG integration strategy, we work with management and company employees to train and communicate findings and best practices to ensure a smooth transition. 

Step 4: Process Review and Monitoring

​AMNIe works with you to develop an ESG monitoring plan to ensure fund strategy is implemented​ and company milestones are achieved. 

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