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Sustainability & ESG Integration

AMNIe provides a range of sustainability services, to address the needs of clients of all sizes and industries. We exist to democratize access to sustainability knowledge integration and do so through a range of services and approaches, catered to your unique needs, challenges, and interests.

Take a look and see what AMNIe services best align with your organization's needs, and let's get started.

Sustainability Integration

Work with AMNIe™ to develop a corporate sustainability integration strategy. Strategies are developed specifically for asset management ESG integration, or general company-wide sustainability integration.

Circularity Consulting

Work with AMNIe™ to develop a circular business strategy for your organization. AMNIe™ works with you end-to-end to define values, opportunities, and circularity implementation strategies. 

Purposeful Innovation

Work with AMNIe™ to foster open innovation in your organization. AMNIe™ can help you develop solutions through design-thinking methodologies.

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