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AMNIe™ Learning Academy

AMNIe Learning Academy™ aims to drive global mindset around sustainability as the future of business and society by harmonizing the process of think, feel, say, and do - for all. 
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Each Academy stream offers options for team training, as well as a workshop series that serves as a preamble to many of the topics that are explored fully in their respective modules.
Certified Online Courses for Holistic Growth and Long-Term Value Creation
Aimed at executive professionals, entrepreneurs seeking to integrate sustainability in their organizations 

The Sustainability Integration stream aims to help executives who want to achieve sustainability integration and holistic growth through a purpose driven leadership model that aligns individual goals and values with organizational purpose. Thereby strengthening value creation and increasing organizational and individual wellbeing.


Sustainability and ESG Integration Training

AMNIe's sustainability integration workshops 

   Value-Based and Purpose Driven Leadership for  Personal Sustainability Integration

Aimed at individuals seeking to develop their leadership style based on values and purpose  

What is Values-Based Leadership?

AMNIe defines a Values-Based Innovation as the process by which solutions to the global challenges are ideated, curated, and implemented through collaboration tools, digital/physical placemaking, and ecosystem partnerships

Values-Based Innovation can bring together multiple stakeholders around common goals and enables actions to scale innovation through implementation - creating lasting positive impacts.

In a time of volatile change, global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and access to safety need to be addressed using innovation that is open and inclusive. 

AMNIe's expert innovation facilitators and sustainability + technology partners enhance collaboration internally/externally, help you identify, commercialize, and scale solutions that create high impact economic, social, and environmental benefits.  


Is your organization ready to start Values-Based Innovation? Call us to find out.   

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AMNIe™ Sustainable Leadership Model helps individuals develop a leadership style rooted in purpose and values. By aligning the mind with internal feelings, words and actions, intrinsic motivation can be tapped into in order to better address the necessary systemic change required to build a future that considers the wellbeing of the environment, people, and our global economy.

Value-Based Leadership 


AMNIe seeks to accelerate and scale innovation that contributes to economic growth while advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Agenda 2030.

AMNIe's Services

AMNIe offers co-creation and development of scalable, open Innovation programs that foster growth and resilience in organizations and their partner ecosystems. Specifically, AMNIe offerings include:

Sustainable Innovation Discovery Workshops

 Innovation Challenge Setup 

 Sustainability initiatives due diligence and acceleration

Innovation Program Design, Training, and Implementation

Community Engagement and Digital Placemaking