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Unlocking potential in renewable energy


With the energy sector being one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas emissions, energy companies around the world are pressured to act now. Traditional energy companies are pivoting strategies to transition to a green future, while players in the renewable space are taking advantage of this growth opportunity to meet global demand for clean energy. However, in order for this transition to renewables to happen, all players must pursue a sustainability integration pathway to maximize positive long-term economic and ESG impact while mitigating risks and negative externalities. AMNIe will help you lead the charge to a net positive economy and work in unison with your customers, investors, lenders, suppliers, and communities served. We will co-create the right climate and ESG pathway for you based on market research, expert interviews, and current best practices to financial ESG capital allocation. Start now to build a greener future for your business and society.


Financial Services

Financial institutions are under pressure to reduce their emissions and integrate ESG into their operations. For banks, a key source of Scope 3 emissions is lending portfolios which include many small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). For asset managers, there is increased pressure to integrate ESG considerations in the investment process and fund management strategies. AMNIe will work with you and your clients to measure, integrate, and execute on ESG strategies to address the climate crisis and create long-term systemic value.

Decarbonization for Financial institutions and SMEs
ESG Integration for asset managers


The technology and communications industry faces many challenges pertaining to sustainability such as responsible material sourcing, transparent supply chains, generation of e-waste, as well as reduction of carbon footprint. At AMNIe, we will work together position your company for growth and resilience by creating a a long-term strategy to address environmental, social, and governance issues. Enhance your business longevity and competitive edge by conserving resources and optimizing your value chain.

Supercharging growth with ESG integration
Sustainability integration in Healthcare


Sustainability in healthcare is needed now more than ever. Healthcare is a high polluting industry, medical resources are growing in scarcity, and an increasing number of physicians and residents are facing high levels of burnout. Players in the industry, including healthcare  providers, and medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers, must take action to integrate environmental, social and governance in their value chains. AMNIe will work with you to embed sustainability in your corporate DNA by aligning on your organization’s vision and values. We will also co-create an ESG integration pathway to help maximize your positive impact on customers, suppliers, employees, and ultimately enhance patient care.


Real Estate

With the growing presence of extreme weather events and global inequalities, ESG is becoming integral to real estate now more than ever. The real estate industry is essential in achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and promoting social value to communities across nations. Players in the industry must accelerate the ESG momentum to attract capital, grow business, and lead with purpose. AMNIe will help you rethink your organization’s role in how to tackle climate risks, promote social equity, and increase the wellbeing of occupiers and local communities. We have constructed two ESG Integration approaches catered to Real Estate Investors as well as Property Developers and Managers. We work with you to examine what is most material to your business and where the most impact can be made.

ESG integration for real estate