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Climate Risk
and Strategy

Path to Net Zero

What We Offer

The latest IPCC report highlights Code Red for Humanity in an ominous call to action to avoid catastrophic implications for climate change. As public and private sector mobilize to create coherent paths forward, AMNIe offers training and leadership education, facilitation, stakeholder engagement, and end-to-end management consulting and technology support for a fully integrated experience. 

Climate often emerges as a material ESG issue for companies, investors, communities, and regulators. By evaluating interactions with socio-economic impact and governance, organizations can design ways that address a global threat while creating opportunities for economic revitalization, growth, risk mitigation, and adaptation. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to think, feel, say, and do differently about risk and responsibility in a modern age.

Contact us today to learn how our Climate Risk & Strategy and Net Zero Offering can benefit you.

Climate Risk and Strategy

The business decisions you make today will have a big impact on your organization's future resilience. Understanding the climate risks that you are most exposed to will help you prepare, and even prosper in a carbon-constrained future. At AMNIe, we work with you collaboratively to raise awareness, assess your risk, enhance your strategy and risk management practices, and enable appropriate oversight and reporting of climate-related risks and opportunities. 


Our team offers the following services to support you on your climate journey:

a. Engagement and Education

Climate strategy_edited_edited.png

c. Climate Strategy

b. Climate Risk Evaluation

d. Climate Governance

Going Net Zero is critical in the global fight against climate change. Without Net Zero, global temperatures will continue to rise and the effects of this will be felt around the world, from habitat loss, rise in infectious diseases, extreme weather events, animal extinction, and so on. Therefore, it’s critical that we act now.


At AMNIe, we will work with you to examine what is most material to your business and where the most impact can be made. Let’s make the world more sustainable and embark on the Path to Net Zero together. 

Path to Net Zero

AMNIe’s Path to Net Zero Approach 

AMNIe believes there are two potential pathways to Net Zero: achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions or achieving Net Zero waste. Both pathways undergo the following steps:  

Step 1: Educate. In this step, the clearly defined what Net Zero means, ensures alignment internally, and begins to assess its material sustainability impacts across the value chain to determine a logical way to achieve Net Zero.

Step 2: Assess Performance. Baseline where you are today, set priorities and develop specific projects your organization can adopt.

Step 3: Target Setting and Planning. Set short, medium, and long-term targets along with a detailed roadmap to achieve your Net Zero goals.

Step 4: Integrate. Implement the detailed roadmap into your organization's operations to track and measure on each Net Zero initiative based on where it sits within the organization. 

Step 5: Monitor and Report. Track key wins and overall progress, while maintaining ongoing communication with internal and external stakeholders. 

AMNIe uses design thinking methodology, trained experts and a facilitated learning environment to partner with you throughout. Getting to Net Zero is not only possible, it should be a an engaging and collaborative process that brings employees, customers, and partners along without creating more emissions in the process. Contact us today to get started or learn more.

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