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What are AMNIe's solutions? 

Sustainability and ESG Integration Consulting

At AMNIe, we will work with you to examine what is most material to your business and where the most impact can be made. Let’s make the world more sustainable and embark on the Path to Net Zero together. 

leadership through Sustainability
Paving the path to Net Zero for SMEs

Climate Strategy Consulting

​AMNIe offers end-to-end advisory for ESG and sustainability integration in multiple industries. We work with Financial Services Institutions for Portfolio Integration and across Industries for Organizational Integration. 

Publicly-listed Organizations

As ESG is growing in influence, public companies worldwide are facing increased pressure from investors and regulators to disclose material information about the risks, opportunities and financial impacts of climate change on the business. AMNIe understands that due to the lack of standardization among terms, metrics, reporting frameworks, and regulatory uncertainty, ESG integration can be an initially daunting and complicated task. With our global network and extensive ESG experience, we offer a technology-agnostic, agile methodology to help you adopt the appropriate integration approach based on your values, mission and unique operating context.

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Privately Held Small To Mid-size Companies

Small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of our economy and play a crucial role in promoting innovation, enhancing economic and social development, and driving sustainability. In the post pandemic world, gaining strategic positioning means embracing opportunities of sustainable business, while mitigating climate risks. At AMNIe, we will work together to help position your company for growth and resilience by creating a a long-term strategy to launch impactful initiatives that will enhance business longevity and competitive edge.

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