AMNIe Learning Academy™

AMNIe Learning Academy™ aims to drive global mindset around sustainability as the future of business and society by harmonizing the process of think, feel, say, and do - for all. 

Each Academy stream offers options for team training, as well as a workshop series that serves as a preamble to many of the topics that are explored fully in their respective modules.

What We Offer

AMNIe's Sustainability and ESG Integration training is a series of  online or in-person training workshops for holistic growth and long-term value creation.
Courses are aimed at executive professionals and entrepreneurs seeking to integrate sustainability in their organizations and lead the build back better economy.
Discover how to strengthen alignment on purpose and what matters to your team and company to increase organizational and individual wellbeing. This series sheds light on the evolving trends in sustainable innovation, risk, and responsibility. Each workshop highlights current topics and approaches for business integration of common sustainability topics based on both opportunity, responsibility, and risk management. Learn from experts, engage and collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to co-create an inclusive path to sustainability integration - embedding your unique purpose.

Sustainability and ESG Integration Training

Aimed at individuals seeking to develop their leadership style based on intrinsic values and alignment, the Leadership stream focuses on increasing individual and team wellbeing by activating purpose, values and moral considerations in what we think, feel, say, and do. 
 AMNIe defines Purposeful Innovation as the process by which solutions to the global challenges and Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are ideated, curated, and implemented. Through a series of facilitated workshops and group activities, activate your purpose and build or rebuild the momentum needed to transition between strategy and implementation - creating lasting positive impacts.

In a time of volatile change, global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and access to safety need to be addressed using innovation that is open and inclusive. 


Is your organization ready to innovate with purpose, re-energize teams, and unlock potential?  

Purposeful Leadership Training



 AMNIe's Executive Leadership Workshops 

AMNIe Learning Academy™ launched its first-ever workshop series for executives looking to drive growth through sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) acumen - and the integration of purpose.